July 2, 2017

--Link-- Last call for MR. A. #24 Kickstarter

Just a quick reminder that the latest Kickstarter project from Steve Ditko and Robin Snyder wraps up its funding period later today, continuing the adventures of Mr. A. in his 50th anniversary year.

May 31, 2017

--Link-- MR. A. #24 Kickstarter

Now on Kickstarter, Steve Ditko's MR. A. #24, continuing the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the character. Co-publisher Robin Snyder reports that one of the previous issues (#18) is already sold-out from the publisher, and another (#15) might be soon.

May 17, 2017

New Ditko - Murder & The Hero


Now available Robin Snyder and Steve Ditko, two 48-page comics should be available from the usual sources, including Snyder directly.

MURDER #22 has five reprints from Charlton and four Ditko written and drawn stories from various sources, all under a cover from STRANGE SUSPENSE STORIES #18 [1954].
"The Payoff" - STRANGE SUSPENSE STORIES #20 [1954]
"Killer On The Loose" - CRIME AND JUSTICE #18 [1954]
"Illusion" - MONSTERS ATTACK #4 [1990]
"We're All Gray" - STEVE DITKO'S 160-PAGE PACKAGE [1999]
"Bonanza" - OUTLAWS OF THE WEST #81 [1970]
"The Night People" - THIS MAGAZINE IS HAUNTED #17 [1954]
"Social Justice" - MURDER #3 [1986]
"A Nice Quiet Place" - STRANGE SUSPENSE STORIES #19 [1954]
"Ditko's J Series - A View Of Justice" - THE COLLECTOR #27 [1973]

THE HERO COMICS #23 has a variety of Ditko written and drawn reprints, including a Mr. A. page, The Missing Man and The Hero, plus an unfinished (uninked, unscripted) 17-page story featuring a new character named V?
"V? Vs. Frog-Man"
Backcover - Mr. A. #1 [1973]
"M...M...Meets The V...L..." - STEVE DITKO'S 80-PAGE PACKAGE THE MISSING MAN [1999]
"Ma's Detective Agency" - VANGUARD ILLUSTRATED #4 [1984]
"World of Characters" - THE MOCKER [1990]
Static ad - THE COMICS v11 #5 [2000]
"The Whisperer Wants To Be Heard" - STEVE DITKO'S 176-PAGE PACKAGE HEROES [2000]
"The Hero" - DITKO ONCE MORE [2009]

Ditko also has a short essay, "Choices" in the recent THE COMICS v28 #5.

May 5, 2017

New Ditko - "The Captive Spark" local reprint

If you're in the Plymouth, Wisconsin area, see if you can snag a copy of THE CURRENT v6#6 [May, 2017], a supplement to The Review newspaper. Editor Rodney Schroeter has included a reprint of the 4-page story "The Captive Spark" (originally from ..WHA..!? #1 [1975], most recently reprinted in MR. A. #21 [2017]), along with a short write-up about Ditko and covers of some of his recent comics.

Those not in the area can read it here, although it looks like only the most recent issue is available, so it'll be gone in a few weeks.

April 30, 2017

Upcoming Ditko - Mr. A. and #26

Robin Snyder updates us that coming up later this year is #26, continuing the series of 32-pagers Ditko has done over the last decade, and more Mr. A.

Also of note, MR. A. #18 from last year is already out of print, so if you're wanting a copy best get it soon from any of the retailers who might have it, and don't dawdle on getting the other recent books.

Also out of print are all of the FOUR-PAGE SERIES essay collections.

April 19, 2017

Upcoming (and not) Ditko - New projects and clarifications

Robin Snyder updates some of the upcoming projects, with MURDER #22 and THE HERO COMICS #23 from the latest Kickstarter on track for June (someday I have to sit down and figure out exactly what books logically fill in the numbering on that series, which I believe begins with the 1973 MR. A. #1).  Along with the regular monthly THE COMICS newsletters from Snyder (and you never know when Ditko will pop up in there) the autumn should see some more releases, including more Mr. A. and "the surprising return of an old character".

Meanwhile, it looks like the recent announcement of a hardcover Mr. A. collection coming out in October was a bit premature, and the book will not be coming out. I should have some more about that soon.

Edited to add,

"The Avenging World has been cancelled and will not be published. We have decided to work on other projects. We will continue to work on our own."
Robin Snyder

April 18, 2017

Martin L. Greim, R.I.P.

Mark Evanier reports the passing of Martin L. Greim.

Greim published COMIC CRUSADER and COMIC CRUSADER STORYBOOK from 1968 to 1977, which included a considerable amount of Ditko's independent work of the era, including several Mr. A. stories and the "H. Series" stories featuring D. Skys and The Screamer.  He also created his own comics, including David Manning - The Defender (seen below) and Thunderbunny.

April 1, 2017

Upcoming Ditko - Complete Mr. A.[Cancelled]

[ADDENDUM, April 18. Announcement was premature, more details when I get them]

[ADDENDUM, April 19:
"The Avenging World has been cancelled and will not be published. We have decided to work on other projects. We will continue to work on our own."
Robin Snyder

Original announcement preserved below for reference purposes]

So, apparently this was announced....

More info when I have more info.


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