January 13, 1990

Recent Ditko via PayPal

All Ditko/Snyder publications available direct from Snyder via mail-order (wholesale discounts available to retailers)

But if you prefer PayPal...

Available now - #9 TEEN - US$4 plus shipping (see totals below)

This new book contains the new stories of The Madman, Hero, E(e) & I(i) and more, plus a very short new essay in Ditko's current series, "#28: Red Flag" plus a list of Kickstarter backers.

Choose the appropriate shipping option below to order from me, or e-mail me for a shipping quote if you want to combine an order with any of the previous Ditko/Snyder publications. I currently have all of them, including the four recent FOUR-PAGE SERIES essay collections.

Select Shipping #9 TEEN

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