January 13, 1990

Recent Ditko via PayPal

All Ditko/Snyder publications available direct from Snyder via mail-order (wholesale discounts available to retailers)

But if you prefer PayPal...

Available now - LASZLO'S HAMMER - US$6 plus shipping (see totals below)

This new book features the full 27-page title story of Ditko's 1992 reflection on the topics of creation and destruction, starting with Laszlo Toth's 1972 damage to Michelangelo's The Pieta and continuing from there with matters both abstract and practical (including comic book creation and editing).  Also included are the 1969 single page "It's Either... Or", the 1986 4-page "In Principle: The Unchecked Premise", a new introduction from Robin Snyder and a list of Kickstarter backers.

Choose the appropriate shipping option below to order from me, or e-mail me for a shipping quote if you want to combine an order with any of the previous Ditko/Snyder publications. I currently have all of them, including the four recent FOUR-PAGE SERIES essay collections.

Select Shipping LASZLO'S HAMMER

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