January 18, 2006

Unknown Worlds #50 [1966]

Right after his departure from Marvel, Ditko lined up a lot of other work from various publishers in 1966. A lot of them (for ACG, Dell and DC) were with Sal Trapani, who apparently would quite often line up work and then farm out the pencilling to others. "It Keeps On Happening" is a 3-page example of such a Ditko/Trapani collaboration. A pretty minor story over-all, sort of an even lighter version of the many 5-page stories Ditko used to do for Marvel, this one with a man dreaming he's being chased by robots, then it happening in real life, where they capture and shrink him. After he escapes (and that scene of the robots toasting their success is kind of odd but great) he grows again and is chased, only to wake up and find everything starting over.

Not quite the classic "Dream World" level of "constantly waking from a dream" story, but the robots are cute, and you get one of those creatures that passes for a cat in Ditko's world.

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