April 12, 2006

Ghost Manor #65 [1982]

Charlton was almost all reprint by this point, this issue having a reprint of the 6-page "Class Reunion" from Ghostly Haunts #48 [1976], written by "Tom Tuna" (probably frequent Ditko collaborator Joe Gill, can anyone confirm?). The host this time is Winnie the Witch, the freaky stylish blue witch, but she just appears in the first and last panels this time.

The story has a man who has been a failure all his life, and decides to go to Europe to find a Satanic cult he's researched and get magic powers. Oddly his plan actually works, but then the cult leader looks kind of silly anyway. He uses his new powers, manifesting in Doctor Strange hands, to get ironic revenge on two of three people he was most jealous of, only to be foiled by the last who turns out to be an ordained priest who is immune to the satanic powers.

I was hoping for a better ending, and as I said the leader of the cult looks ridiculous, but a few of the other visuals are cool, including of course the hands and the sometimes weird angles.

"Class Reunion" D-7227

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