December 30, 2006

Ditko in 2006

Nine print publications of interest this past year, as well as a CD-ROM of some previous print books. Highlight of the year is PI's THE THING AND OTHER STORIES, with some great very early Ditko work from the 1954. The pair of "Atlas Era" MARVEL MASTERWORKS books also had a good selection of late 1950s Ditko, with about 20 stories between them, half of them previously unreprinted, and a good amount of Kirby (inked by Ditko on a few stories) and the other Marvel artists of the time.

Charlton Spotlight #5 [Argo Press]

Coyote Collection #3 [Image]

Essential Defenders #2 [Marvel] (one Doctor Strange story)
Marvel Masterworks - Ant-Man/Giant-Man #1 [Marvel] (inks on one story only)
Marvel Masterworks - Atlas Era Tales Of Suspense #1 [Marvel]
Marvel Masterworks - Atlas Era Tales To Astonish #1 [Marvel]
Marvel Masterworks - The Human Torch #1 [Marvel] (one story and some cover inks)
Marvel Milestones - Dragon Lord, Speedball & The Man In The Sky [Marvel]

Steve Ditko Reader CD-ROM Volume 1 [Pure Imagination]
Steve Ditko's The Thing and Other Stories [Pure Imagination]

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