March 21, 2007

The Legion of Super-Heroes #276 [1981]

Last time Ditko drew the book it was pirates, this time it's kings and castles and wizards. What kind of science fiction book is this, anyway?

Frank Chiaramonte inks Ditko on "Lord Romdur's Castle", 25-page adventure of the LSH, where a small group of them go to a planet still at the development level of middle ages Earth to find some lost surveyors. This is the kind of mission you send the greatest super-team of their era on? Anyway, suffice to say that like most LSH books of this era it makes very little sense if you're not familiar with the characters. If you are, then it makes no sense at all. Oh, and "Romdur" is an anagram for "Mordru", one of the team's main villains, though you wouldn't know that from how quickly he's defeated here.

We do get Ditko drawing some nice horses, and a few nice fantasy scenes, and Chameleon Boy doing that bug-eyed alien is good for a laugh. But overall, seriously, if you don't already have Ditko's LSH stories I can't recommend seeking them out.

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  1. I just bought a page of Ditko's art from this issue. I like it a lot more than it was originally published. How did Steve end up working on this series???? I wonder if Kirby was ever offered a chance to work on the Legion?



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