September 17, 2007

Upcoming Ditko - New Gods story

Well, here was a bit of a surprise. The Ditko story was announced as backup done for Simonson's ORION series back around 2000, but for whatever reason was never used. Good to see it seeing the light of day. Some other contents of the book are pretty good, as well (the Evanier/Rude/Royer MISTER MIRACLE story, in particular).


Written by Mark Evanier, John Byrne, Walter Simonson, Jeph Loeb and others
Art by Steve Rude, Byrne, Simonson, Frank Miller, Dave Gibbons, Arthur Adams, Erik Larsen and others
Cover by Walter Simonson

Don't miss this new volume featuring the greatest New Gods stories by a Who's Who of all-star creators! Recognized as one of Jack Kirby's greatest creations, the New Gods now play an integral role in the DC Universe. Rediscover the classic tales of young Scott Free, Darkseid, Orion and more in this softcover collecting stories from Mister Miracle Special, Jack Kirby's Fourth World #2-20, and Orion #3-4, #6-8, #10, #12, #15, #18-19! Plus, a never-before-published short story by writer Mark Millar with art by Steve Ditko & Mick Gray!

on sale January 23 168 pg, FC, $19.99 US

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad to see this is finally coming out, only delayed 7 or 8 years!

    Nick Caputo



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