July 2, 2008

New Ditko - Strange and Stranger

The new Fantagraphics book STRANGE AND STRANGER: THE WORLD OF STEVE DITKO should be arriving in most comic book stores this week, and presumably shipping through other sources soon enough. That caps off a pretty busy half-year for Ditko related publications, with several hardcovers from Marvel with partial Ditko content, reprinting various aspects of his 1960s work, a "new" story in a DC book, a surprising re-emergence of Valiant with some of his 1990s work, the even more surprising return of the fanzine DITKOMANIA, and most surprising and important of all, THE AVENGING MIND.

The rest of the year looks quieter, other than Pure Imagination's book of pre-code Ditko (and those books can sometimes come out a few months later than scheduled), probably a few more DITKOMANIA issues and whatever might pop up from Snyder and Ditko with minimal advance notice.

1 comment:

  1. Considering that DC has already made clear what books they are reprinting thru early 09, and there's no Ditko collections (Creeper, H&D, Shade, Starman, etc), so nothing from that point.

    No idea of futher stuff from Marvel (Dr Strange Omnibus? Speedball? etc).

    There will be that book next year from Fantagraphics, edited by Bell.