November 29, 2008

It Stalks the Public Domain - Avery and the Goblins

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The 8-page "Avery and the Goblins" is the third and final Ditko story from Charlton's THE THING #13 [April 1954], and is by far the best of them, and one of the highlights of his 1954 work. The story, about an old man determined that he can find a way to escape from a goblin haunted castle with untold riches where others have failed thanks to his years of planning, has a few lapses, but the Ditko creatures and atmosphere are really good, echoing a lot of his later work.  The repeated close-ups of Avery's face during various scenes are really nice.

Most scans in this series adapted to my personal tastes from those found, and available for free download with registration, at the Golden Age Comics Download site. For comics on paper, the way god intended, first head over here for ordering info on his available creator owned material co-published with Robin Snyder (including his new book, DITKO, ETC...) and head over here for info on recent and upcoming books with Ditko from all publishers, including the recently revived DITKOMANIA,  Halloween issue now available, and now accepting PayPal for subscriptions.

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  1. Avery should have used his head (pun intended).
    There are plenty of schools that would pay for those skulls and plenty of fertilizer companies who would have been happy to crush the calcium therein contained for growing product.



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