January 15, 2009

New Ditko - Ditkomania and Edge of Genius

First new Ditko publications of 2009 are now available. Pure Imagination's STEVE DITKO: EDGE OF GENIUS reprints some of Ditko's earliest work in black and white, restored by Greg Theakston. Not sure of the exact contents, but last I heard it would include some rare Eric Stanton work.

And DITKOMANIA continues with #70, featuring the Blue Beetle, now shipping to subscribers. Ordering info here, as usual, PayPal now accepted for payments and earlier issues still available.


  1. I picked up a copy of SD: Edge of Genius from my LCS. I'll try to post a list of what's in it. Funny thing is that about 3-4 of the stories were 'reprinted' here on this blog. Stories from 1953-57 are reprinted.

    Here are some of the stories I remember:
    "A Hole In His Head"
    "Buried Alive"
    "Range War"
    "Killer On The Loose"
    "Stretching Things"
    "What Was In Sam Dora's Box?"
    "Von Mohl Vs. The Ants"
    "The Worm Turns"
    "The Night People"
    "No Bars Could Hold Him"

  2. Here are the contents of SD: Edge of Genius

    "A Hole In His Head" BLACK MAGIC #27
    "Stretching Things" FANTASTIC FEARS #5
    "Range War" BLAZING WESTERN #1
    "Buried Alive" BLACK MAGIC #28
    "Killer On The Loose" CRIME AND JUSTICE #18
    "What Was In Sam Dora's Box?" STRANGE SUSPENSE STORIES #18
    "3-D Disaster Doom Death" THIS MAGAZINE IS HAUNTED #17
    "Triple Header" TMIH #17
    "The Night People" TMIH #17
    "The Inheritance" THE THING! #17
    "You Are the Jury" SPACE ADVENTURES #11
    "Moment of Decision" SA #11
    "Dead Reckoning" SA #11
    "The Worm Turns" THE THING! #15
    "Von Mohl Vs. The Ants" SSS #20
    "The Mark of the Ripper" SSS #20
    "Car Show" FROM HERE TO INSANITY #10
    "They'll Be Some Changes Made" JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #33
    "The Night Visitor" JOURNEY INTO UNKNOWN WORLDS #45
    "Who Lurks Down There?" WORLDS OF SUSPENSE #2
    "No Bars Could Hold Him" MYSTERY TALES #45
    "A World of His Own" SSS #32
    "The Last Laugh" SSS #32
    "Helga's Search for Slaves" MOVIE STAR NEWS ~1957

  3. Hmmmm. I took a look at the Ditko Index at Ditko Looked up. I really didn't think "The Mark of the Ripper" was a Ditko story (its signed by Moskowitz, but I saw no Ditko touches in it. Its not listed in the Index. Did Theakston make a mistake in including it??

  4. Thanks for the list, Michael. I'm looking forward to seeing the book.

    Haven't seen that Moskowitz story, I know a few others that people have speculated have some Ditko touch in a few panels, but nothing I really thought was compelling evidence.

  5. I had assumed that there would have been more duplication of stories that Theakston had already published in The Steve Ditko Reader Volumes 1-3, but several of the tales listed above don't appear in those three volumes.

  6. You might have some interest in a couple posts I wrote recently (Feb 5 and 7) at the Silver Age Comics blog on Ditko's The Question, covering the Blue Beetle appearances and the solo Mysterious Suspense issue.