April 27, 2009

It Stalks the Public Domain - The Night People

You do know you can go to http://tinyurl.com/ditko-stories to get links to all of these as they're posted? I thought so...

"The Night People" is a 4-page horror story from Charlton's THIS MAGAZINE IS HAUNTED #17 [May 1954], one of three Ditko stories (plus a cover) in that issue. In this quick story, weaselly looking thief Gary Conrad manages to hide in a department store after closing time, and plans to make off with some valuables, only to find out that the store manikan's have some nightly rituals of their own.

This is one of the lesser of the early Ditko efforts, with a bit of stiffness in the artwork and a few staging bits in the storytelling that don't quite work. But even lesser Ditko is at least historically interesting.

[Full story now available in the Snyder/Ditko publication MURDER #22, so only first page included below]

Most scans in this series adapted to my personal tastes from those found, and available for free download with registration, at the Golden Age Comics Download site. To buy Ditko comics and things on paper, check over here for ordering info on his on-going creator owned material co-published with Robin Snyder and take a look over here for info on recent and upcoming books with Ditko from all publishers, including the recently revived DITKOMANIA.

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