May 4, 2009

Monsters Attack #2 [1989]

MONSTERS ATTACK #2 [1989] is the second of five issues of this magazine from Globe Communications, all of them featuring a short story written and illustrated by Steve Ditko. In this case it's the 5-page "It's All In His Head". The table of contents lists the finisher as "E. O'Brain", who I believe may be editor Mort Todd, but I haven't confirmed that yet (see comments). It's pretty good, anyway. The linework is a little rough around the edges, but I do like some of the use of tone work, assuming that was part of "finishing".

A strange little story, with some echoes of the classic "Dream World" from TALES TO ASTONISH #26 [1961], with the gimmick of someone waking up from a series of nightmares, never knowing what's real. This one has the added visual of bodies flying into pieces (also a motif he's used a few times, like with Missing Man), and actually has an explanation in the end. A very nice little story, with Ditko taking a couple of visual ideas and running with them to extremes. I'd definitely like to see a collection of all of his stray bits of work from various magazines like this, QUESTAR and CRACKED.


  1. You called it. It is indeed Mort Todd!

  2. Thanks for the confirmation, Mort, and great job on editing these books. Love the Ditko, which is my primary reason for hunting them down 20 years later, but the whole package really makes them worthwhile to have even above that.



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