March 15, 2010

New Ditko - DITKOMANIA #78

Available for ordering right now from editor/publisher Rob Imes is DITKOMANIA #78.  Included this issue are reviews of some of the major recent Ditko releases, both new (A DITKO ACT TWO) and reprint (STRANGE SUSPENSE and THE ART OF DITKO).  There's also a long 9-page article by me in this issue, looking at the work that Ditko drew for DC's various anthology comics, including these:

Strange Adventures #188 [1966]
Plop #16 [1975]
The Unexpected #190 [1979]
Time Warp #2 [1979]
House of Mystery #277 [1980]
Time Warp #3 [1980]
Mystery In Space #111 [1980]
Weird War Tales #99 [1981]
Secrets of Haunted House #45 [1982]
Ghosts #111 [1982]

...and a whole lot more.  More importantly, Rob managed to find a copy of the first page of an unpublished DC story titled "The Robot and... The Ghost".


  1. Thanks, Bob!

    To give credit where the credit is due: It was Nick Caputo who made me aware of both the "Robot & The Ghost" page (as well as last issue's Mr. A. #1 cover). So, thanks, Nick!!

    Also, fans of those DC mystery stories will want to check out the DM Yahoo Group (link is in my signature here) where there has been some discussion of one of those titles, Weird War Tales. It turns out that there may have been two more unpublished Ditko tales (in addition to "Robot & the Ghost" and "Woro"): "The Spoils of War" and "Safe Keeping," both apparently planned for Weird War Tales but never published!

  2. Bob,

    Your article was my favorite piece in Ditkomania this issue. Thorough and interesting discussion on some of Ditko's rarely noticed work.

    Nick C.

  3. Thanks Nick. I had a handful of those stories from back when they were first published, but only really started getting them in the last few years, so it was interesting to take a comprehensive look at them when I got a full set.

    Man, it would be great if there was a collection of the stories including those four (or more) unpublished stories.

  4. I'd love to see that as well. I also thought the Mayer/Ditko story was great and would have loved to see them do more work together.

    Nick C.



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