September 5, 2010

Unusual Tales - Escape [1]

"Unusual Tales", a series presenting Steve Ditko's comics from 1957 to 1959 that are in the public domain.

"Escape" is a 5-page story from Charlton's TALES OF THE MYSTERIOUS TRAVELER #4 [1957], not to be confused with the later 4-page story titled "Escape" from UNUSUAL TALES #9 [1957], also drawn by Ditko.

This is the story of a former airforce pilot now working as a soldier-of-fortune in Guatemala and the adventure that led to the opening scene of him broke in New York with a devoted young servant.  A lot of story packed in these five pages.  One interesting bit, while most of the story is very text-heavy, that sequence with several silent panels on page two is really well done.

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As this story appears in Tales Of The Mysterious Traveler #27 [2018] from Snyder/Ditko, only the first page is included here.

1 comment:

  1. Yet again, what a great series this would have been!

    So many Ditko stories held promise like this.

    I wonder why Charlton did not produce a type of test magazine such as what Dell had in Four Color or DC with Showcase?

    Oy vay, now we probably shall never know.
    PC would kill most of these great ideas anyway.



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