July 1, 2010

New Ditko - Mid-year update

Catching up on the various new and reprint Ditko publications, it's been a pretty prolific year so far, with much more to come.  In terms of new stuff,  his on-going series of releases with Robin Snyder have continued, with three new releases, plus a page in Snyder's newsletter in January.  Expect a few more publications before the end of the year.

A Ditko Act Two [Robin Snyder and Steve Ditko]
A Ditko Act 3 [Robin Snyder and Steve Ditko]
Act 4 [Robin Snyder and Steve Ditko]
The Comics v21 #1 [Robin Snyder]

And the bi-monthly Ditko fanzine got out its scheduled three issues, with another one expected to be mailed out in the next week

Ditkomania #77 - #79 [Rob Imes]

Big reprint release is a complete hardcover of Ditko's Creeper work, including the original series and his various returns to it, including one story that was never published before in any but the most technical sense.

The Creeper by Steve Ditko HC [DC]

Dark Horse continues to pick up old comics from other publishers, presenting reprints of reprints of some 1960s Warren work and  some LucasFilm licensed work originally published by Marvel.

Indiana Jones Omnibus: The Further Adventures #3 [Dark Horse]
Creepy Archives #5 [Dark Horse]

IDW has a book of reprints of comics for children, and include Ditko's 1997 story for BIG BOY.

Golden Collection of Krazy Kool Klassic Kids Komics [IDW] 

And Marvel has a whole bunch of stuff, as usual, mostly in their new softcover re-issues of the Masterworks line, something in their on-going hardcover line and a one-shot comic reprinting some Kraven stories with some new pages, which I'm sure someone thinks  is a good idea.  Most noteworthy, the Spider-Man v4 softcover includes copies of the pencils for one of the issues, in various stages of completion.

Marvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man v4 Tradepaperback [Marvel]
Marvel Masterworks: Daredevil v1 Tradepaperback [Marvel]
Marvel Masterworks: Iron Man v1 Tradepaperback [Marvel]
Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era Tales To Astonish Vol. 3 HC [Marvel]
Spider-Man: Origin of the Hunter [Marvel]

[note Marvel Masterworks: The Fantastic Four v3 Tradepaperback removed from the list, I didn't realize the minor Ditko content in the original hardcover of that book had been shifted to v2 in more recent editions]

Still a lot more to come in 2010, including more Ditko/Snyder publications, most of the Doctor Strange stories in a colour softcover and various other Marvel books with partial Ditko content, a few public domain reprints from various publishers, perhaps some more Warren reprints of reprints from Dark Horse (are they going to eventually get to reprints of reprints of reprints?).  Updates will be posted here, as usual.

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