February 11, 2011

New Ditko - ..WHA..!? reprint

Now available, ..WHA..!? [2nd edition], a new printing of the 1975 comic book first published by Bruce Hershenson, numbered "D. #3" to indicate its place after MR. A [1973] (2010 reprint now available) and AVENGING WORLD [1973] (contents included in the 2002 AVENGING WORLD collection).

This comic features five black and white stories by Ditko, plus colour front and back covers, some of his best mid-1970s work (a period getting some attention now with recent and upcoming reprints of his DC work of the period).

"Case Of The Silent Voice" 8-pages
"Premise To Consequence" 4-pages
"The Void" 8-pages
"The Captive Spark" 4-pages
"Masquerade" 8-pages

Copies as always available from Robin Snyder, along with a wide selection of other recent and classic Ditko creator-owned works.  Retailers interested in carrying the books should contact Snyder for terms and discounts, which probably exceed your discounts on similar books from your near-monopoly distributor.  I'll also have copies available, see here, keep an eye on Ebay or e-mail me if you want to combine an order with some of the other available books.

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