March 21, 2013

Upcoming Ditko - FOUR-PAGE SERIES #2

From Robin Snyder:

The first FOUR-PAGE SERIES was a collection of the following five Ditko essays published as part of THE COMICS V23 #9:

“The Knowers & the Barkers” [reprinted from #17]
“The Silent Self-Deceivers” [reprinted from THE COMICS V23 #7]
“A Newspaper Article, A Reporter's Report”
“A Deadly Fantasy”
“Why Out Of Their Way?”

Will THE FOUR-PAGE SERIES #2 be more of the same? Something different? With Ditko, you never really know until you have it in your hands.

To order it direct from Snyder you can get his contact info on this page. I should have more on this soon.

And a reminder, two weeks to get in on the PUBLIC SERVICE PACKAGE 2nd Edition Kickstarter. Spread the word if you know any Ditko readers who might be interested but might not have heard of it yet.


  1. Quite interesting. The essay titled “A Newspaper Article, A Reporter's Report” sure sounds like it's going to concern the New York Post article.

  2. If I wasn't clear, “A Newspaper Article, A Reporter's Report” is in the already available first FOUR-PAGE SERIES (first few paragraphs here). Is the New York Post article the one that referred to his work as "doodles"? If so, he launches off on that, leading to a more generalized discussion about the "public right to know".



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