June 12, 2006

Where Monsters Dwell #7 [1971]

This issue reprints "The Terrible Trap" from TALES TO ASTONISH #19 [1961], a 4-page story. The star this time is Bart Magor, a great hunter, which we see from his effortless capture of a mouse. Not surprisingly, he runs afoul of a trap while on his hunting trip, and is taken by aliens who place him in a maze. The irony is almost palpable.

Pretty simple story, but a lot of nice touches. I like that mouse in the opening (although I’m surprised the story doesn't do anything with the fact that Magor takes it along on the safari). The aliens are also a nice design, looking very curious and thoughtful rather than menacing.

I’m kind of surprised that this issue isn't promoted as a prototype issue for Kraven the Hunter. Hey, it’s a great hunter. That’s more of a prototype than most of the characters thus billed these days.

"The Terrible Trap" V-137


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