November 29, 2018

--Link-- Ditko Kickstarter - DOWN MEMORY LANE


Latest SD Publishing Kickstarter is now up. DOWN MEMORY LANE is the hook, and possibly the title, and it has something to do with the THE AVENGING MIND book published 10 years ago, which kicked off the long series of "Ditko's 32s" that has run for 26 issues to date, the latest earlier this year. The featured image is from the inside cover of THE AVENGING MIND.

It will no doubt, after the Kickstarter is over, also be available direct from Snyder, along with most of the previous books, details here.

November 20, 2018


Now available, TALES OF THE MYSTERIOUS TRAVELER NO. 27, the latest release from Snyder and Ditko. The book leads off with the 8-page "If...Then... The Game", continuing a feature from the late 20th century and the first posthumous release of original material from Ditko. The rest of the book is a voyage through Ditko's work in the first six decades of his professional career, with samples of his Charlton work in the 1950s and 1970s and his independent work from the other decades.

Available now or soon from the usual sources, including direct from Robin Snyder over here with the other Snyder/Ditko publications, now by popular demand accepting PayPal. Retailers who are interested in making the books available to their customers should contact Snyder for wholesale rates.

There should be some news on the next book within the next week.

November 2, 2018

Happy 91


November 2, 1927, Steve Ditko born

Couldn't quite get up to 91 publications there for the photo (I guess if I stretched things a bit I could), I'm hoping by next year I can get up to 92.


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