March 29, 2017

--Link-- Ditko MURDER and HERO COMICS Kickstarter


Currently on Kickstarter, two more Snyder/Ditko publications.

MURDER was a three issue anthology title Snyder put out through Renegade in 1986 (part of his REVOLVER series), with some Ditko work in each issue, although some of those have already been reprinted in recent Snyder/Ditko publications.  That cover is from Charlton's 1954 STRANGE SUSPENSE STORIES #18, and there's quite a bit of Ditko stuff from the 1950s which could fit the theme, as well as some new material.

The Hero of HERO COMICS has been a regular of Ditko's 32-pagers for the last few years, plus there's the promise of some Mr. A. and a new character called V? among the mixed new and reprint contents of that book.


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