August 27, 2022

New Ditko - "I Remember Sound Effects" essay



A recent issue of Robin Snyder's newsletter THE COMICS, May 2022 (Vol. 33 No. 5), features a short previously unpublished essay by Ditko, "I Remember Sound Effects", where he reacts to some comments on the topic made by his former editor in 1992.

Details on the newsletter are available on the bottom of this page.

August 20, 2022

SD Publishing in print updated


Just a heads-up, made a few updates to the Ditko In Print page of SD Publishing books recently. Robin Snyder has let me know there have been a number of sell-outs recently, and low inventory on some other stuff, so order accordingly if you're looking to complete your collection.  I've also added ISBN numbers to recent print-on-demand reprint books they've published. While those can usually be ordered from Robin Snyder (for cover price plus $4 shipping in the US), it's often better to order them from any number of physical or on-line retailers who can get a fresh copy to you quickly with the ISBN numbers.


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