July 27, 2018

New Ditko - DITKOMANIA #96

Now available, DITKOMANIA #96, featuring art and articles on a variety of Ditko work, including the Starman series with Paul Levitz that he did for a year, a look at his short stories published in QUESTAR, an article on the Charlton horror comics hosts and how Ditko integrated them into the stories.

Ordering info from publisher/editor Rob Imes over here, along with free PDF downloads of some earlier issues. Imes indicates that he hopes to get another issue out this year so contact him if you're interested in submitting anything.

July 7, 2018

S. Ditko


First page of "Paper Romance", a story published in  DARING LOVE #1 [1953] the September-October 1953 issue of the Gillmor Magazines comic, which appears to be the earliest published Steve Ditko comic story, if not the first drawn. More on it over here.

Final page of "Logan the Loser", the final story in #26 [2018], the Winter 2018 release from SD Publishing. Ordering details here. There are a few never before seen pages in the subsequent releases, but most of them were obviously drawn long ago. And there will probably be some future publications with more previously unseen material, either old or new.

S. Ditko, 1927 - 2018


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