May 22, 2023

New Ditko - THE HERO COMICS #37 and more print-on-demand


Now available from the usual sources, the recently kickstarted THE HERO COMICS #37, the latest in the revolving anthology series by SD Publishing and their Famous Comics imprint. This one obviously has a bit of Captain Atom from Ditko and Gill, with an interesting short note by Ditko about that panel on the cover, and some reprints from Ditko's 32-Series.  Also included is the comparatively rare 1960s Blue Beetle story "A Specter Is Haunting Hub City" first published in CHARLTON PORTFOLIO [1974], a 1940s Bouncer story by Robert Kanigher and Louis Ferstadt and a few other surprises.

The print-on-demand books also continue, with recent publication of THE AVENGING MIND, a volume in the "Ditko Complains" series, and STEVE DITKO'S 176 MINUS 30 PAGE PACKAGE, a reprint of the 2000 book without the long Mr. A. story (possibly held for a later Mr. A. specific book). See the same link above for ISBN numbers to order the print-on-demand books from your favourite local or on-line retailer.


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