March 29, 2014

--Link-- Last day for Ditko Kickstarter #9 TEEN new comic


Just a quick reminder that it's now the final day to back the latest Snyder/Ditko Kickstarter and get a copy of #9 TEEN, featuring The Madman, with an acknowledgement of your support therein, plus other incentives for higher pledges. The subscription to Snyder's newsletter THE COMICS at the $60 and higher level is a great opportunity for those who have been curious about trying it.

March 13, 2014

Upcoming Ditko - WITZEND update

Just a heads-up, it looks like the upcoming WITZEND two-volume hardcover set, featuring several key Ditko stories, will be $125 instead of the previously announced $95, in case that has an effect on your buying choices.  The price at Amazon still seems to be based on the older price as I write this, and I think their policy is to generally honour whatever the lowest price is between when you order and the books ships.

March 12, 2014

(Possible) Upcoming Ditko - Wood's CANNON

Some on-line info for the upcoming reprint of Wallace Wood's CANNON (like this) now list Ditko as a contributing artist, which I don't believe was the case in earlier listings. That means that one or both of the two Ditko pencilled stories for HEROES, INC. might be included, although I don't know in what form, since the book is in a wide landscape format. If anyone gets a copy, let me know.

Edited to add, just saw Fantagraphics has a preview on their website that answers the question.  Both stories are included, but at two original pages per page:

I guess that's better than nothing, especially for the hard-to-find HEROES, INC. #2 story, but not really ideal. Maybe they'd make a good supplement in the upcoming WITZEND book, or a third book if there's enough other Wood material of the same aspect ratio and owned by the Wood Estate to package with these two stories at full size and the other Wood stories in HEROES, INC.

March 4, 2014


Now available from Robin Snyder, Ditko's THE FOUR-PAGE SERIES #5, with five new essays:

#25: Choice: Either/Or
"The choice can result in something negative, unwanted, unearned, undeserved, penalizing or satisfying, positive, beneficial."

#34: Memory
"Can a man/mind with a claimed poor memory have any authentic, personal integrity?"

#32: With Everyone, A Free-Will Choice
"Everyone is a character in the now world's real life drama."

#24: The Eternally Fixated
"So most inhabitants are not supposed to be allowed to change, develop, grow, but remain unchainng, static, strictly conforming, obeying the planet's (MU [mini-universe]) need, wants, whims, ruling dogma."

#26: 4 tHe knot 2 BritE, rite
"For the not-too-bright in fandom, the ongoing root issue, problem, disagreement, conflict, is the understanding, the status and validity of individual and property rights."

List of Ditko essays
In-Print Ditko/Snyder publications and ordering information
Issues of THE FOUR-PAGE SERIES are each $1.50 US, $2.50 International direct from Robin Snyder


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