June 5, 2013

--Link-- DITKOMANIA #91 Kickstarter

Rob Imes has a Kickstarter project ending in a few days for the publication of DITKOMANIA #91, the next issue of his on-going fanzine. If it makes its funding goal, this issue features at least 32 pages on various Ditko topics, including his bouncing heroes (including Speedball) and letters about previous issues, plus for the first time in the Imes-published era of the fanzine, colour covers.

Check it out, both print and digital editions available, plus other premiums for higher funding amounts. And as usual, subscription information for DITKOMANIA is over here.

New Ditko - PUBLIC SERVICE PACKAGE 2nd Edition

Now available from Robin Snyder and Steve Ditko is a new edition of the long out-of-print 1991 DITKO PUBLIC SERVICE PACKAGE, featuring all the Ditko content from the original book at a slightly larger page size, a reprint of the Ditko essay "The Self-Proclaimed" from THE COMICS V11 #5 [2000], an introduction by Robin Snyder and a list of all the Kickstarter backers of the book. All for $14, only $1.05 more than the original 22 years ago.

As usual, all the new books and various other Ditko publications are available directly from Robin Snyder, details here, and the new book should be available from retailers who order from Snyder now or in the near future (interested retailers should contact Snyder for terms, which are probably better than you get for similar comics from your main distributor).


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