March 2, 2019

New Ditko - THE COMICS v30#1

The January 2019 issue of Robin Snyder's long-running newsletter THE COMICS (Vol. 30, No. 1) features several pieces on the passing of Steve Ditko, including an artistic tribute from Gary Kato, an essay by Rodney Schroeter, a long piece by Snyder in his "Under The Gun" column with several anecdotes and quotes, a few choice pieces of art from Ditko's independent work and four short essays, two of which are original to this publication ("Once Upon A Time" by Snyder and Ditko and "Sad Words" by Ditko) and two also appear in DOWN MEMORY LANE ("Identity" by Snyder and Ditko and "A Toast" by Ditko).

Subscription details to THE COMICS are at the bottom of this page, along with contact information for Snyder if you want to inquire about availability of this particular issue.


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