October 31, 2009

Scary Tales #7 [1976]

"Halloween Scene" is a 7-page Ditko story in this issue. There's an opening scene of a woman waking up in a locked department story on Halloween night, leading to a second page splash where she runs into a demonic beast, which then proceeds to chase her through the store.  Her attempts to get help don't work, as the people on the street just assume she's part of the store's Halloween display.  Then there's a weird twist at the end.

A really good short horror tale, with the leaping demon being a really good Ditko design, especially with a good three-panel zoom into its face in the climactic scene, and the chase through the store using the setting well.

By the way, that mannequin head on the bottom of the splash, displaying the host of the title Countess Von Bludd (I think, maybe "Baroness"?), doesn't really look like Ditko, does it? I'm thinking either drawn by Joe Staton or based on a drawing by him.

This issue also has a 2-page text story, "Moon Murderer", which re-uses some Ditko artwork for "The Last Bite" from GHOSTLY TALES #121 [1976] to make three illustrations for the story.

Trick or Treat


October 29, 2009

Unusual Tales - Gavin's Stupid Mule


"Unusual Tales" is a series presenting Steve Ditko's comics from 1957 to 1959 that are in the public domain, starting with those never reprinted.

One of Ditko's few war stories for Charlton was the 5-page "Gavin's Stupid Mule" from FIGHTIN' ARMY #20 [1957].  Set in the Civil War, it features a young soldier named Gavin (or Garvin...) who gets assigned a mule he names Clarence, which unfortunately is also the name of his Captain.  The mule proves to be quite a bit more intelligent than it appears, or is just plain lucky.

It's an attractive story, Ditko does a good job with the characters (including the mule) and the uniforms. Unfortunately there are a few weaknesses in the storytelling, as there are a few instances where the captions describe what's going on that I think the art could have done a better job of showing.  It might have just been a lack of pages, as a few extra panels scattered throughout could have improved it immensely. Still, always good to see a Ditko entry in a more scarce genre (I should count up sometime if he did fewer pages in romance, western or war comics).

Some links to check out:
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Download public domain comics, likely including the one this story is from
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October 27, 2009

Upcoming Ditko - CREEPER hardcover update

It appears that they've made a wise choice and updated the plans for the upcoming CREEPER hardcover to include the story that was scheduled for SHOWCASE #106, and later "published" as part of CANCELLED COMIC CAVALCADE #2.  The story will be in black and white, the rest of the book will be in colour, increasing the page count to 288 pages with no increase in price.

Good news, and this should mean that if/when they do a collection of SHADE they'll include SHADE #9 which is in a similar situation.

Ditko on... Consequences


October 23, 2009

--Link-- Just go look

Seriously, take a look.

I'll have more in the comments tomorrow

October 22, 2009

Unusual Tales - The Careless Man


"Unusual Tales", a series presenting Steve Ditko's comics from 1957 to 1959 that are in the public domain.

"The Careless Man" is a 2-page story from Charlton's OUT OF THIS WORLD #11 [1959]. Apparently Dr. Haunt is putting in some overtime as host of this one, in addition to his regular gig in THIS MAGAZINE IS HAUNTED.

The story is about a failed man named Miller, who has gotten fired from various jobs for being careless. He decides to turn to the mystic realm to satisfy his thirst for vengeance, digging out a book of Egyptian spells he had handy to summon a genie (I think someone was playing mix and match with mythologies there).  The title kind of points the way to why that turns out the way it did...

Simple little story, but a few interesting visuals, like the image of Dr. Haunt on the bottom of the first page, the close-up of the candle and the neat little shading effect on the genie.

Some links to check out:
Buy Ditko's creator-owned work
MR. A reprint on the way
Find out about the fanzine DITKOMANIA
#75 now available
Check out new and upcoming Ditko publications
THE CREEPER coming in 2010
Download public domain comics, likely including the one this story is from
(scans in this series generally adapted to my personal tastes from those copies)

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Cracked #227 [1987]

Here's a bit of a treat, a very nice page from an issue which doesn't appear on any of the major Ditko checklists. Apparently he did more pages for CRACKED during Mort Todd's stint as editor than was previously known. So now the quest is on for more. If you have any issues of CRACKED from between around 1986 to 1990 (around #216 to #260) let me know if anything looks like Ditko in there.

Anyway, this 2-page story is "The TransInformers Vs The Defecticons".  You see, the concept of this issue is that this is a Russian edition of CRACKED, from those late days of the Cold War, so all the features have that extra parody twist to their usual parody. In this case, one group of ridiculous shape-changing robots is attempting to escape through the Berlin Wall, and the other is determined to stop them.  A very nice little story, drawn in the intricate duo shade style that Ditko used for a lot of his CRACKED work.  A lot of weird little background gags really enhance the story (I like the robot coffee pot), and the last image is a really great image at the Berlin Wall, worth tracking down the issue just to see it.

October 21, 2009

Doctor Strange Classics #3 [1984]

It was all the rage in the mid-1980s to do deluxe format mini-series of classic runs of comics, and a year of Ditko's Doctor Strange got the treatment in this series. This particular issue reprints three 10-page stories from STRANGE TALES #136 - #138 [1965], all plots and art by Ditko. The colouring is a bit over-done, some kind of pseudo-painting look, but for the most part the line-work comes through and is sharply reproduced, and these remain an excellent affordable way to sample some of Ditko's best.

The issue opens with "What Lurks Beneath The Mask", with Doctor Strange on the run from the minions of the Dormammu-powered Baron Mordo, looking for the secret of "Eternity" to save the stricken Ancient One. Especially good in the opening pages are the hints of a whole magic subculture with various odd mystics thoughout the world on both sides of the battle, and a quick hint about a never followed up on past Doctor Strange adventure. Anyway, in his haste Doc misinterprets a clue from a crazy old mystic whose memory the Ancient One had once erased and winds up in a strange realm with a demon who tries to switch bodies with him. There's a great scene where Doc uses his Cloak of Levitation to battle the demon inhabiting his body.  Great little side-story in the middle of a longer epic.

In "When Meet The Mystic Minds" Doctor Strange decides that he has to find out the secret of Eternity directly from the mind of the Ancient One, which leads to an excellent sequence of increasingly bizarre visuals as he attempts to reach his mentor.  The closing scene, with Doc atop a mountain walking into an enlarged amulet just ahead of Mordo's arrival, that's how you do a cliffhanger.

"If Eternity Should Fail" opens with one of the best renditions of the mystic realm in Ditko's work, probably the panel you'd put in the dictionary if you needed one image to define "Ditkoesque".  And that's just the beginning, as we next get introduced to Eternity, the living embodiment of a universe, who offers the type of enigmatic advice you'd expect from someone who looks like that.  Returning to his own realm, he finds the Ancient One has been captured by Mordo and goes to confront his foes, who also have the unnamed woman who helped him in Dormammu's realm held captive.

Seriously, this is 30 incredible pages of comics.  If you've never read them you owe it to yourself to check out one of the multiple versions of this run that should be readily available now.  Added bonus in this version, they got some of the new guys to do some pin-ups in the back, and this one includes a great image by P. Craig Russell titled "Dr. Strange gets lost on his way to the Surrealist's Convention", which is even weirder than what you're imagining.

October 18, 2009

Upcoming Ditko - Mr. A.

The next Ditko/Snyder publication will be MR. A., a 32-page black-and-white reprint of the 1973 book originally published by Joe Brancatelli's Comic Art Publishers.  $5 cover price, ordering details over here, more news as I get it.  Spread the word.  The stories "Right to Kill" and "When Is A Man To Be Judged Evil" are among my favourite Mr. A. stories.

In other matters, the plans for the "Unusual Tales" series of posts of Ditko's stories from 1957 to 1959 continue.  Take the poll over in the sidebar to help decide which one I'll post next.  There should be at least one a week for the foreseeable future (got a dozen of them ready to go and it's tempting to just start posting them daily....).

October 16, 2009

Unusual Tales - Valley Of Eternity


Welcome to "Unusual Tales", a series presenting Steve Ditko's comics from 1957 to 1959 that are in the public domain, primarily from Charlton.  Earlier Ditko stories from 1953 to 1955 were almost all presented in the "It Stalks the Public Domain" series. 1956 was all Marvel, so badger them to reprint that stuff.

I'm starting off with as many of the never-reprinted stories as I can.  There are just over 80 in that category by my records.  And note that I mean never-reprinted in an American publication, whether from Charlton or another publisher.  I know many of the comics of that era were reprinted, in English or otherwise, by various foreign publishers.

The 7-page "Valley Of Eternity" was published in Charlton's TALES OF THE MYSTERIOUS TRAVELER #11 [1959]. This is probably the Charlton series of the era most associated with Ditko, thanks to his iconic renditions of the host in his trenchcoat and fedora, often floating as a giant in the background.  He sticks to human size in this one, as he presents the story of four very different men whose paths cross in a hidden valley in India, where they find the promise of a secret that could change them and the world.

A clever little story, with a nice little bit in the end, Ditko does a good job of establishing the characters and settings.  I especially like that sequence on the top of page 5 as an example of Ditko's rendering abilities at this time.

Comments always welcome, and feel free to send a link to anyone you think might be interested.

Some links to check out:
Buy Ditko's creator-owned work
Find out about the fanzine DITKOMANIA
Check out new and upcoming Ditko publications
Download public domain comics, likely including the one this story is from
(scans in this series generally adapted to my personal tastes from those copies)

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October 14, 2009

Unusual Tales - List of Unreprinted 1957-1959 Stories


As far as I know, the following stories Ditko drew for Charlton from 1957 to 1959 have never been reprinted (as of October 2009), either by Charlton or any of the numerous publishers who have reprinted stories from that era since. I've posted all of them in the "Unusual Tales" series

"The Man Who Could Never Be Killed" 6 pages - Strange Suspense Stories #31 [1957]
"A World Where I Was King" 5 pages - Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #3 [1957]
"Gavin's Stupid Mule" 5 pages - Fightin' Army #20 [1957]
"Secret Mission" 5 pages - Tales of the Mysterious Traveler #3 [1957]
"Forbidden Room" 9 pages - Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #4 [1957]
"Valley In The Mist" 6 pages - Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #4 [1957]
"The Only One" 5 pages - Texas Rangers in Action #8 [1957]
"His Fate" 4 pages - This Magazine Is Haunted #12 [1957]
"The Menace Of The Maple Leaves" 8 pages - Strange Suspense Stories #33 [1957]
"Forever And Ever" 6 pages - Strange Suspense Stories #33 [1957]
"The Man Who Lost His Face" 5 pages - Strange Suspense Stories #34 [1957]
"Clairvoyance" 5 pages - Unusual Tales #9 [1957]
"Where Is Kubar?" 5 pages - Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #6 [1957]
"Look Deep Into My Eyes" 5 pages - Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #6 [1957]
"Panic" 6 pages - Strange Suspense Stories #35 [1957]
"Never Again" 5 pages - Unusual Tales #10 [1958]
"The Repair Man From Nowhere" 6 pages - Unusual Tales #10 [1958]
"The Edge Of Fear" 5 pages - Unusual Tales #10 [1958]
"The Angry Things" 5 pages - Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #7 [1958]
"The Cheapest Steak In Nome" 2 pages - Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #7 [1958]
"Second Hand" 5 pages - Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #7 [1958]
"Journey To Paradise" 5 pages - Out of This World #7 [1958]
"Through The Walls" 5 pages - Out of This World #7 [1958]
"Not Normal" 5 pages - Tales of the Mysterious Traveler #7 [1958]
"The Man From Time" 5 pages - This Magazine Is Haunted #16 [1958]
"The Dancing Cat" 5 pages - Strange Suspense Stories #37 [1958]
"A Matter Of Luck" 5 pages - Unusual Tales #12 [1958]
"First On Mercury" 5 pages - Outer Space #18 [1958]
"For Amusement Only" 5 pages - Outer Space #18 [1958]
"Assignment Treason" 5 pages - Outer Space #18 [1958]
"Repair Stop" 4 pages - Outer Space #18 [1958]
"Lure Of The Maiden" 5 pages - Robin Hood And His Merry Men #38 [1958]
"The First Satellite" 5 pages - Space Adventures #25 [1958]
"The Perfect Forecaster" 5 pages - Out of This World #10 [1958]
"What Are The Flying Saucers?" 5 pages - Outer Space #19 [1958]
"The Strange Asteroid" 5 pages - Outer Space #19 [1958]
"Ten Billion B.C." 7 pages - Outer Space #19 [1958]
"The Fiery Feud" 6 pages - Rocky Lane's Black Jack #24 [1958]
"The Joke" 5 pages - Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #10 [1958]
"Forbidden Planet" 2 pages - Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #10 [1958]
"One Way Trip" 5 pages - Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #10 [1958]
"The Strange One" 2 pages - Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #10 [1958]
"Mystery From Mars" 5 pages - Strange Suspense Stories #39 [1958]
"Glow Of Woe" 5 pages - Strange Suspense Stories #39 [1958]
"Orgo Serves!" 5 pages - Strange Suspense Stories #39 [1958]
"Doorway Into Tomorrow" 5 pages - Strange Suspense Stories #39 [1958]
"They Say It's Haunted" 5 pages - Strange Suspense Stories #39 [1958]
"Who Knows?" 5 pages - Tales of the Mysterious Traveler #10 [1958]
"Little Boy Blue" 6 pages - Tales of the Mysterious Traveler #10 [1958]
"The Statues That Came To Life" 6 pages - Tales of the Mysterious Traveler #10 [1958]
"Misfits" 5 pages - Outer Space #20 [1958]
"Horse Hunter's Bait" 5 pages - Rocky Lane's Black Jack #25 [1958]
"A Remembered Friend" 2 pages - Rocky Lane's Black Jack #25 [1958]
"Storm's Warning" 5 pages - Rocky Lane's Black Jack #25 [1958]
"A Visit To Planet 3" 5 pages - Space Adventures #26 [1958]
"The Men From Hsin-Chiu" 5 pages - Space Adventures #26 [1958]
"Menace From The Moon" 5 pages - Space Adventures #26 [1958]
"Return From Saturn" 5 pages - Space Adventures #26 [1958]
"The Greater Life" 5 pages - Unusual Tales #14 [1958]
"Stranger In The Herd" 5 pages - Black Fury #17 [1959]
"The Tenderfoot And The Outlaw" 5 pages - Black Fury #17 [1959]
"The Colt Born To Trouble" 5 pages - Black Fury #17 [1959]
"The Mountain That Was" 5 pages - Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #11 [1959]
"The Time Chamber" 5 pages - Out of This World #11 [1959]
"The Careless Man" 2 pages - Out of This World #11 [1959]
"Help Wanted" 7 pages - Outlaws Of The West #18 [1959]
"The Phantom Spring" 5 pages - Rocky Lane's Black Jack #26 [1959]
"The Merciless Mesa" 5 pages - Rocky Lane's Black Jack #26 [1959]
"The Strange Machine" 7 pages - Strange Suspense Stories #40 [1959]
"Such A Strange Case" 2 pages - Strange Suspense Stories #40 [1959]
"Casy's Kiss" 2 pages - Strange Suspense Stories #40 [1959]
"The Other Form" 7 pages - Tales of the Mysterious Traveler #11 [1959]
"Valley Of Eternity" 7 pages - Tales of the Mysterious Traveler #11 [1959]
"The House That Cheered Up" 5 pages - Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #12 [1959]
"A Lost Dimension" 5 pages - Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds #12 [1959]
"Pursued" 3 pages - Black Fury #18 [1959]
"Strange Country" 5 pages - Black Fury #18 [1959]
"Off Limits" 2 pages - Strange Suspense Stories #41 [1959]
"The Silver-Tip Outlaw" 7 pages - Rocky Lane's Black Jack #27 [1959]
"The Last Waterhole" 5 pages - Rocky Lane's Black Jack #28 [1959]
"The Little Things" 5 pages - Out of This World #16 [1959]

October 13, 2009

Unusual Tales - Ditko Stories 1957-1959 Introduction


So, to sum up, Ditko made his comic debut in 1953, and then in 1954 became a prolific regular at Charlton Comics, including many classic covers. Then he had only a single story and cover published in 1955. Most of those stories can be read here.

In 1956 his work began appearing in various stories at Atlas/Marvel, a total of 17 stories from April 1956 to April 1957. List of those stories and the few reprints of them over here. No full stories, I hear those incoming mice are litigious...

At around the time the last of those was appearing, his work returned to Charlton's pages for a much longer run than his first time around. He'd also later return to Marvel in late 1958, while continuing to work at Charlton.

This series of posts will, eventually, cover all of Ditko's non-Marvel work from 1957-1959, which means mostly work at Charlton, though there is an oddity in there that we'll get to eventually. That's just over 200 stories, a bit over 1000 pages, plus about 40 covers (I'll leave the numbers vague since you never know what new information will pop up). That's a busy three years by any measure, and don't forget he also did almost 200 pages for Marvel in that span, full pencils and inks on almost everything.

(Note the 1959 cut-off is arbitrary. He did continue for Charlton beyond that, although his work was increasingly for on-going features like Captain Atom, Konga and Gorgo. There are about 30 non-series stories from 1960-1962 that I'll include in another series if I ever finish this one, and hundreds more from 1966-1978 that I won't)

No promises on frequency, but I'll try to get everything I can posted in less time than it took Ditko to draw them. I'll probably post them in pretty much random order (though I'll provide a chronological list), with a bias towards never-reprinted stories first.

A list of stories posted is over here. 
Part one, unreprinted stories, wrap-up (notes, highlights), here.

Ditko in 1956


As discussed previously, Steve Ditko broke into comics with some stories scattered around multiple publishers in 1953, and then settled in to quickly become a regular in Charlton's various comics in 1954, including many covers. After that, he only had a single story and cover published by Charlton in 1955. That brings the tally for his first three calendar years in comics to 209 interior pages and 20 covers. In addition he's known to have worked on the backgrounds for some 3-D comics, and some people see traces of his hand in a few other stories of the time, but nothing confirmed.

That brings us to 1956, April going by the cover dates, when Ditko's artwork returned to the racks, this time from Atlas, the company now known as Marvel. Atlas would end up publishing 17 Ditko stories over the next year, almost all 4-page, for a total of 67 pages (not unlike his first stint at Charlton, the last one would be a straggler, coming out in April of 1957, five months after the previous story, possibly held in inventory as various business matters meant that Atlas had a lot of stories and few titles to run them in so stopped buying freelance work for a while).

And while his prior work, when signed at all was usually just signed "Ditko" (or in one case "S.J. Ditko"), a few of these stories finally gave us a full first name for the artist.

There'll Be Some Changes Made 4 pages - Journey Into Mystery #33 [1956] - H858
March Has 32 Days 4 pages - Mystery Tales #40 [1956] - H983
The Night Visitor 4 pages - Journey Into Unknown Worlds #45 [1956] - H929
The Greatest Experiment 4 pages - Strange Tales #46 [1956] - J148
The Badmen 4 pages - Two-Gun Western #4 [1956] - J382
The Vanishing Martians 4 pages - Marvel Tales #147 [1956] - J486
Who Lurks Down There 4 pages - World Of Suspense #2 [1956] - J405
None Are So Blind 4 pages - Spellbound #29 [1956] - J523
The Moving Stairs 4 pages - Strange Tales Of The Unusual #5 [1956] - J636
Build Me A Machine 4 pages - Astonishing #53 [1956] - J911
Those Who Vanish 4 pages - Journey Into Mystery #38 [1956] - J918
No Bars Could Hold Him 3 pages - Mystery Tales #45 [1956] - K307
The Fog That Couldn't Lift 4 pages - Strange Tales #50 [1956] - K30
The Mystery Man 4 pages - World Of Mystery #3 [1956] - K344
The Faceless Man 4 pages - Journey Into Unknown Worlds #51 [1956] - K405
When They Wake Up 4 pages - Mystery Tales #47 [1956] - K516
The Most Dangerous Man In The World 4 pages - World Of Mystery #6 [1957] - L653

Unfortunately Marvel has almost completely ignored Ditko's work of that era in reprints, with the exception of a single reprint of the first story in the 1990s, thanks to Mort Todd's stint as an editor there, "There'll Be Some Changes Made" in CURSE OF THE WEIRD #4 [1994]. Fortunately, a few more were reprinted in Pure Imagination's STEVE DITKO - EDGE OF GENIUS [2008] ("There'll Be Some Changes Made", "The Night Visitor", "No Bars Could Hold Him" and "Who Lurks Down There"). Hopefully at some point Marvel will see the wisdom of collecting those 67 pages in a single book.

Anyway, from what I've seen those stories are pretty good, with the sharp detailed artwork, some great faces and backgrounds and stories that sometimes rise above the mundane. Definitely a collection I'd like to see.

With that out of the way, coming soon, Son of It Stalks the Public Domain (or whatever I decide to call it), a series of posts featuring Ditko's non-Marvel work from 1957 to 1959.

[I settled on Unusual Tales]

October 12, 2009

Mr. A. Bibliography, 4th draft

Robin Snyder has gotten some additional information on the first printings of Ditko's Mr. A material over the last four decades, and provided this update. As you can see, there are still a number of question marks, so if you have any old fanzines or know anyone who does please pass this on and comment here or contact Robin directly if you have any leads.

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(some template editing later...) Okay, now. Let me know if that doesn't work.

Mr. A, 4th draft

October 10, 2009

Big Boy #470 [1997]

BIG BOY was a long-running give-away comic produced for the restaurant chain of the same name since 1956 (with some of the early issues even being produced by Marvel). Ditko's path didn't intersect with the character at that point, but in the 1990s, when Craig Yoe's YOE! Studio took over production, Ditko was brought in to do an issue, #470 published in 1997.

Ditko got quite a warm welcome, with a "Special Steve Ditko issue" blurb above the logo on the cover, and a mention on the inside cover (using his ink-bottle head self portrait from the cover of FANTASTIC GIANTS #24 [1966]) mentioning his history with Spider-Man and Doctor Strange and urging you to check out his then-current series (that turned out to be a one-shot) STRANGE AVENGING TALES.

After that, we get the 5-page story "The Amazingly Incredibly Improbable Journey" written by Craig Boldman, penciled by Ditko and inked by Luke McDonnell.  Big Boy's friend Professor Fineman has invented a robot dog which he leaves in Big Boy's care while he goes to a conference in Hawaii.  Of course the robot goes rogue and runs away, forcing Big Boy and his dog Nugget to go chasing cross-country, and cross-ocean, after it, seeing the various transformations it's capable of along the way.

An interesting curiosity in Ditko's career, among the last handful of commercial jobs he did.  Obviously this is something that was done to a house style, and Ditko apparently stuck pretty close to Boldman's layouts for the story in addition to that, but you can definitely see some signs of him in the artwork, especially in the hands.  The story itself is pretty much a good variation on the classic Richie Rich type story (without the money fetish), which kind of makes me wonder what it would have looked like if Ditko had gotten some work for Harvey Comics back in the day.  And then I think it's a shame that while he was doing some super-hero work for Archie he didn't also do some Little Archie stories, or maybe some issues of Jughead or Sabrina.

I've never been sure about the credits for the covers of this issue, with a colour front cover and a black and white colouring page on the back, both based on the story.  The front I think Ditko might have had a hand in, maybe a bit more heavily inked, or with a tighter layout, than the interior pages.  The backcover I'm more inclined to think had minimal, if any, Ditko involvement, though I can't put my finger on why I think that.  If you have a copy, let me know what you think.

October 7, 2009

Upcoming Ditko - More INDIANA JONES reprints

Dark Horse has another volume of reprints of Marvel's Indiana Jones comics of the 1980s on the schedule. Ditko did eight of them total, based on the page counts it looks like the first one (#21) will be in Volume 2 (which should be out soon) and the other seven (#25-#28, #32-#34) will be in Volume 3.

Linda Grant (W), David Michelinie (W), Steve Ditko (A), Ricardo Villamonte (A), Bret Blevins (A), and others
On sale Mar 17
FC, 344
TPB, 6" x 9"
The globetrotting hero born of George Lucas’s love for high-adventure 1930s fiction returns! Irreverent archaeologist Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones scours the furthest corners of the planet for priceless artifacts, hungry for knowledge about ancient civilizations and in a constant race to beat grave-robbing thieves to the goods. Though his quick wit, resourcefulness, and dashing good looks have gotten him this far, what happens when his Nazi foes attempt to wake the dead through sorcery? Join Steve Ditko and Linda Grant in this value-priced collection to find out!
• This volume also includes the official comics adaptation of The Last Crusade!

October 2, 2009

--Link-- Recent Ditko reviewed

Rodrigo Baeza picked up some of the recent Ditko comics and reviews two of them over on his site, with some well chosen sample pages. I guess at this point it would be redundant to tell you where to go for info on picking them up yourself if you don't have access to a store that carries them...

Oh, and I needed to get a Twitter thing a while ago to read something on the site, and decided I might as well use it for something, so I've been posting various links on there for the last week or so tagged "Daily Ditko". Usually links to older posts on this site, or today a link to the review above,or whatever else seems fitting. If you're so inclined.


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