February 27, 2015

--Link-- Ditko #2oww3oww & Out Of This World Kickstarter

Now available for backing the next Snyder/Ditko Kickstarter, again for two books. The usual new issue is #2OWW3OWW, featuring Miss Eerie and The Cape, and there's also OUT OF THIS WORLD, a science fiction anthology with a mix of new and reprint material. The cover is the classic Ditko image first used in the 1965 fanzine ALL STARS #1 (as seen below), presumably in pure black and white. Don't know about the other material, but there's a lot of Ditko work that would fit the theme, like the QUESTAR stories.

Kickstarter open for pledges until April 2, 2015.

February 26, 2015

Upcoming Ditko - #23

Next up from Robin Snyder and Steve Ditko is #23 (or possibly #oww2oww3), featuring Miss Eerie, The Cape and others (including what seem to be Ditko Value Stamps on the cover). Presumably there'll be a Kickstarter page for it soon, I'll post the link when it starts or you can keep an eye on this page.

Other upcoming releases listed in the latest book are THE ALIEN, something about Blue Beetle in THE COMICS newsletter and the essay "Why I Quit" in the FOUR-PAGE SERIES. I'm not completely certain all of those are Ditko related, more info as I get it.

New Ditko - #22 and Traveler #16

Now available, Ditko's all new #22, featuring new stories about The Madman, The Outline and others, and TALES OF THE MYSTERIOUS TRAVELER #16, featuring a variety of reprints from the 1950s Charlton comics, MONSTERS ATTACK, WITZEND, MURDER and DITKO'S WORLD under an unused cover from the 1980s revival of the title.

Retailers that carry the books should have copies now or soon, or you can order direct from Robin Snyder, details here.


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