February 29, 2016

--Link-- MR. A. #18 Kickstarter by Snyder/Ditko

Latest Snyder/Ditko Kickstarter is live:

This time it's another issue of MR. A., this one being called MR. A. #18, after the previous #15. As usual, don't ask me to explain the numbering. Maybe TALES OF THE MYSTERIOUS TRAVELER #16 and OUT OF THIS WORLD #17 fill in the numbers between them, even though they also continue the numbering from the Charlton books of those titles. With this numbering, it could be:

#1 - MR. A [1973]
#2 - AVENGING WORLD [1973]
#3 - ..WHA..!? [1975]
#4 -  MR. A [1975]

I'm not sure which books in this system make up #5 to #14. Two issues of CHARLTON ACTION? Three issues of DITKO'S WORLD? THE SAFEST PLACE? STRANGE AVENGING TALES? LASZLO'S HAMMER? THE MOCKER? STATIC? THE COVER SERIES? See if you can come up with a combination that gets you to ten books to fill in the numbering...

Based on the image on the Kickstarter page, this might be the material produced in 1991 and advertised for what would have been MR. A. #2, with the stories "The Horror" and "The Score".

February 10, 2016

Upcoming Ditko - #25

In case you missed it, next in Ditko's series of 32-pagers is #25, and features the return of The Madman, I believe his 8th story since his debut in DITKO PRESENTS [2009].

Details on Ditko/Snyder publications is here, as usual. If there's a Kickstarter for this one I'll post a link when it goes live, or keep an eye on this page.


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