December 30, 2014

Ditko in 2014 wrapup

A pretty decent year for new and reprint Ditko in 2014. As usual, go here for the occasionally updated list going back to 2005.

Robin Snyder and Steve Ditko continued their publishing programs with three more of Ditko's 32-page series (#19 to #21), plus MR. A. #15 printing for the first time some stories done circa 1990 for an unpublished series. There were also two issues of Ditko's essay series THE FOUR-PAGE SERIES.

There were two issues of DITKOMANIA published during the year, #92 and #93.

Several notable reprints.

The Wallace Wood Estate licensed reprints of a few of Wood's major projects. The complete WITZEND includes the earliest Mr. A. stories, the first version of Avenging World and several short bits. CANNON includes Ditko's two stories from HEROES, INC. (printed two pages to a page to fit the landscape format they used for the bulk of the Cannon strories).

KILL THE FACE reprinted the three Ditko issues from the 1980s in colour for the first time.

Marvel had a bunch of reprints, mostly just reprinting stuff already available in multiple formats. There were also the usual pricey reprints of public domain material from various publishers.

December 19, 2014

Upcoming Ditko - #22 and Mysterious Traveler (Kickstarter link)

Now on Kickstarter, the next two Ditko/Snyder publications. The series of original comics continues with #22, featuring The Madman, The Outline and P Masks, plus more. There's also a TALES OF THE MYSTERIOUS TRAVELER comic, also 32 pages and featuring "new and reprint material".

New Ditko - #2oww1

Now available, #2oww1 from Steve Ditko and Robin Snyder, the latest release of new material from the mind and hands of Ditko, featuring The !?, The Outline, The Grey Negotiator and more. Retailers that carry it should have copies now or soon, or you can order direct from Robin Snyder, details here.


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