June 25, 2021

--Link-- Upcoming Ditko - MYSTERIOUS TRAVELER


Up now on Kickstarter, the next Snyder/Ditko title, another issue of TALES OF THE MYSTERIOUS TRAVELER. The cover shown is a 1986 cover used on REVOLVER #4, which goes with the story "The Hand Of Ages" from that issue, so that'll probably be included.

New Ditko - OUT OF THIS WORLD #33


Available now from SD Comics is OUT OF THIS WORLD #33, the latest in the revolving anthology series of classic reprints. Highlight this time around is a reprint of "The Beginning" from CHARLTON ACTION FEATURING STATIC #11 [1985] in a double page horizontal format, much larger than its original version. There's also some 1950s and 1960s Ditko, another page from Ditko's unpublished 1980s Flash Gordon story, plus a few non-Ditko stories by Henry Bolinoff, Robert Kanigher, Irwin Hasen and others.

Should be available now from the usual sources.


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