February 27, 2017

New Ditko - MR. A. #21

Now available from Robin Snyder and Steve Ditko is a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first appearance of Ditko's creation Mr. A. in 1967 with the 48 page MR. A. #21.  This includes a reprint of the first Mr. A. story from WITZEND #3, a new 20-page story "Mr. A. and the Helpers", several of the iconic Mr. A. fanzine illustrations (some, like the cover, printed full-size for the first time in a widely available publication), three additional short reprint short stories ("The Captive Spark", "My Brother", "Libage vs. Chain") and a few more single pages on various topics, some of them pretty rare. Also included is the essay about Mr. A. that Ditko read for Ken Viola's documentary The Masters of Comic Book Art, in print for the first time, and another short new essay.

Should be available from the usual sources now or soon, including directly from Robin Snyder, contact details over here as usual.


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