November 8, 2022

New Ditko - "I Remember" essay



The recent August, 2022 issue of Robin Snyder's newsletter THE COMICS (Vol. 33 No. 8) features a previously unpublished essay by Ditko, "I Remember", with some more reactions to some of the flawed recollections and statements of his former editor.

Which I guess is also a good time to plug my new site, which will hopefully one day become a complete index to the 33 years and counting of the newsletter, which was the home to many a Ditko feature in the day, and possibly in the future.  Visit for more, including a link to current subscription rates for the newsletter. 

November 4, 2022

--Link-- Ditko's copies of Spider-Man for sale



Probably of interest to some, some of Steve Ditko's own copies of his Spider-Man run are currently being sold on behalf of his estate, complete with a certificate of authenticity from his brother Patrick.

This link should bring up the auction, which includes some other related material, some from the Ditko estate and some not.

Here are some of the relevant notes on the collection:

Provenance: From the Steve Ditko Estate, CGC-certified as Steve Ditko's personal copy, and with a certificate of authenticity signed by Mr. Patrick S. Ditko, Steve Ditko's brother. Not cleaned and pressed in order to preserve all traces of Steve Ditko's handling. 

A note on the Ditko Collection: Steve Ditko owned from one to three copies of each of the 41 Spider-Man comics that he drew (comprising Amazing Fantasy #15, Amazing Spider-Man #s 1-38, and Amazing Spider-Man Annual #s 1 & 2). The only complete set of 41 Spidey comics belonging to Ditko is featured in this sale; an incomplete set of 23 Spidey comics was offered last year by another auction house; and a final incomplete set of 19 Spidey comics will be offered by PBA next year.

November 2, 2022

Give the birthday boy a hand


A big hand for Steve Ditko on his 95th birthday... 

Wait, he deserves more than that.  Let's give him two...

Hold on, this is Steve Ditko, and it's 95 years. What are we even doing?  Let's give him 95...

Or, to be more precise, let's give him back 95 of the thousands he gave us in his career.

First person to identify every hand in the comments gets a free Ditko comic.  Hint, several of them are Spider-Man, none of them are Doctor Strange.

Next year, 96 Ditko feet.


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