March 23, 2020

New & Upcoming Ditko - THE HERO COMICS #30 and GORGO

The latest SD Comics release is now available, THE HERO COMICS #30. Headlining the issue is some 1960s Captain Atom from Joe Gill and Steve Ditko, originally published by Charlton, with two stories reprinted in colour. Also included are some Captain Atom rarities by Ditko (fanzine art, etc.) and some of Ditko's independent work from different eras, including The Void from the 1970s, The Corrector from the 1980s and The Hero from 2010, plus a few surprises. Should be available now from the usual sources.

And the next SD Comics Kickstarter is currently running, and features the movie monster Gorgo who occupied much of Ditko's creative time from 1961-1963. Bit late on announcing it here, I'm sorry to say, but still over a week to go and it's already made the minimum funding goal.


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