August 11, 2006

Marvel Team-Up #101 [1981]

A minor bit of Ditko in this issue, a 5-page backup story called "Don't Let the Sun Come Up On Me", written by Mike Barr and featuring Nighthawk, also the star of the Spider-Man team-up story by other creators that leads the issue (Marvel had just bumped up the cover price and page count of their comics a few months earlier, so this short follow-up story was probably commissioned at the last minute to fill in the extra pages).

I don't know much about the character, other than he was a member of the Defenders, but Ditko does a good job with the design. The story features Nighthawk having a crisis of confidence, which leads to him rather clumsily almost dropping a wall on a young girl. Of course he saves her in the end, and learns a thing or two himself. Not sure if it was intentional on Barr's part, but the sequence does evoke a rather famous scene in a later Ditko Spider-Man. Not quite up to that level, but Ditko does have an affinity for those kinds of scenes, where he gets to show various levels of struggle and desperation in the body language and faces.


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