November 15, 2017

--Link-- Mr. A. anthology Kickstarter


Now on Kickstarter, the next issue of Mr. A. which looks like it'll continue the version of his battle with The Knifer which began in the recent MR. A. #24.  It's a 48-page anthology comic, so will no doubt feature a lot more. The Kickstarter runs to December 19 so the book should be out early next year.

November 2, 2017

Happy Issue 90


Happy issue 90 to anyone that number is relevant to today.

November 1, 2017

Upcoming Ditko - Mystery project

Usually when we get a new issue of one of Ditko's 32-Pagers we get a preview of the cover of the next issue. Not so this time with the release of #26, which has this under "Coming Attraction":

What will this be? Good question. Maybe we'll have more of a clue when the next SD Publishing Kickstarter goes live.

New Ditko - #26 now available

It's that time again...

If your choice is the first one, than you should  know that:

#26, latest in the decade-old series of Ditko's 32-page collections, this time bringing a new chapter of Miss Eerie and other new and returning features. Get directly from SD Publishing (now accepting payment via PayPal), ordering info over here, or available now or soon from the usual sources (retailers interested in carrying the Snyder/Ditko line should contact Snyder for wholesale rates).


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