February 28, 2019

--Link-- Ditko Kickstarter - MR. A. RETURNS


Robin Snyder has launched another Kickstarter project, this time for MR. A. RETURNS, another 48-page anthology issue of Ditko comics, the eighth issue for the iconic title character. The featured image (probably the cover) is an especially nice example of the single-page fanzine pieces with Mr. A. that Ditko did over the years, this one from GRAPHIC ILLUSIONS #1 [1971].

February 22, 2019


Now available, DOWN MEMORY LANE, the latest release from SD Publishing. This is the 27th and final issue of The 32 Series of publications that began in 2008 with THE AVENGING MIND, and was the primary home of new Ditko comics in the 21st Century, with over 800 pages of comics and illustrations, plus essays and more. This wind up issue includes a few new pages of art and essays, plus a few reprints from earlier in the series, a letter column under Snyder's long-running "Under the Gun" title, an index to the previous 26 issues and... something else quite unexpected that I think some people will quite enjoy. I'll leave it as a surprise for those who haven't gotten the book yet, but I will say it'll take some time to absorb (it's 12 pages of the book).

Available now or soon from the usual sources, including direct from Robin Snyder over here with the other Snyder/Ditko publications, now by popular demand accepting PayPal. Retailers who are interested in making the books available to their customers should contact Snyder for wholesale rates.

And while it may be the end of The 32 Series, it's not the end of SD Publishing, so expect news on their next book soon.


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