January 2, 2022

New Ditko - FRISKY FROLICS #35


Now available from the usual sources is FRISKY FROLICS #25, the latest in the revolving anthology series by SD Publishing and their Famous Comics imprint. This revives the title and Alex Toth logo from 1986 Revolver Annual produced by Robin Snyder and published by Renegade.

Ditko makes up about half the book, highlighted by the 1961 Joe Gill / Steve Ditko Charlton classic "Way Out, Man".  There's also a fascinating Ditko rarity, "The Crackling Blazer On The Hi-Jinx", an 18-page feature Ditko prepared for a CB Radio newspaper in the 1970s, some humourous "Heads" comic strip reprints, a never before seen "I, Eye Inquire" page and a short essay.

Other creators highlighted with unpublished or rarely seen work are Gary Kato, Fred Rhoads, Robert Kanigher, Irwin Hasen, Rudy Palais, Rodney Schroeter, Gary Poole, Chad, Bill Woggon, Nick Caputo and Alex Toth.


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