December 27, 2012

Ditko in 2012 wrapup

Fairly light year for the Ditko fan out there. Only two issues of his on-going series of one-shots co-published with Robin Snyder.

#16 Sixteen [Robin Snyder and Steve Ditko]
#17 Seventeen [Robin Snyder and Steve Ditko]

The latter contained the first in a new series of essays by Ditko.  The second appears in Robin Snyder's newsletter (with more perhaps on the way, it's running a bit behind schedule).

The Comics v23 #7 [Robin Snyder]

Rob Imes got out three issues of his fanzine devoted to Mr. D.

Ditkomania #87-89 [Rob Imes]

Et si vous parlez français, il y a une nouvelle biographie de Ditko par Tristan Lapoussière.

Steve Ditko - L'artiste Aux Masques [Les Moutons Électriques]

The only really notable reprint of classic Ditko came from DC, with a book reprinting his work on The Hawk  And The Dove and Starman, plus other DC characters that he didn't create or design. This means DC has a nearly complete set of Ditko work they published in three matching hardcover volumes.

Other than that there was the usual assortment of public domain reprints and some minor stuff from other publishers.

December 9, 2012

A List of Ditko Articles and Essays

The recent announcement of Steve Ditko's new essays seems to have generated some attention, including some from people who weren't aware of Ditko's extensive history of such essays.  Robin Snyder has helpfully provided the following list of those he's published (including both text and illustrated form) in his quarter century of publishing Ditko. I've added the location of the most recent printing of each entry (as Ditko often revised essays when they were reprinted, I recommend the most recent printing).

The most up-to-date version of this list will be hosted here.

mark 25 years of publishing

Here is a list of the many articles and essays by Ditko. Did we list them all? How many have you read?

“At Some Point” [AW]
“Creator’s Rights & Wrongs” [AW]
“Tools of the Trade” [AW]
“History Of The Mocker” [Mocker]
An Insider’s Piece of History: “Jack Kirby’s Spider-Man” [AW]
“ART!?” [AW]
“Identity, Identification” [AW]
“ART—the Panel” [AW]
“First Choice” [Charlton]
“Laszlo’s Hammer” [AW]
“The Sore Spot Cause and Crusade” [AW]
Tsk! Tsk!: “Whatever Happened to Common Sense?” [32Page]
Tsk! Tsk!: “Why Do Some People Seek the Unearned...” [32Page]
Tsk! Tsk!: “Comic Fans Keep Blowing Meaningless Sound Waves” [32Page]
Tsk! Tsk!: “Public ‘Debates’” [32Page]
Tsk! Tsk!: “The Fallacy of the Half and Half Men [32Page]
Tsk! Tsk!: “The Unearned” [32Page]
Tsk! Tsk!: “Stolen Art Pages” [32Page]
Additional Tsk! Tsk! pages [32Page, see notes]
Tsk! Tsk!: “Has the Age of the Anti-Hero Become the Age of the Anti-Self?” [THE COMICS V11 #4 2000]
“The Self-Proclaimed” [THE COMICS V11 #5 2000]
“The ‘Stolen Art Page’ Problem and the Error of Non-Principled Thinking” [AW]
“A Mini-History” [The Comics, serialized, see notes]
“Who Owns Original Art?” [AW]
Tsk! Tsk! Examining a “Creator”/”Creation” Claim” [AW]
“Violence, the Phoney Issue” [AW]
The Tsk! Tsk! Forum: “…On An Unresolved Issue” [THE COMICS V13 #11 2002]
“The Avenging Mind” [The Comics, serialized, see notes]
“An Issue, Question” [The Comics, serialized, see notes]
“Toyland” [AM]
“Roislecxe” [AM]
“Creator or Co-Creator?” [AM]
“Creative Crediting” [AM]
“He Giveth and He Taketh Away” [AM]
“Lifting and the Lifter” [AM]
“Revealing Styles” [AM]
“Martin Goodman/Stan Lee” [AM]
“They Are the…” [AM]
“The Mark and the Stain” [AM]
“The Ever Unwilling” [THE COMICS V20 #3 2009]
“The Ever Unreachable” [Online]
“The Knowers & the Barkers” [#17]
“The Silent Self-Deceivers” [THE COMICS V23 #7 2012]

To be continued


[Mocker] THE MOCKER, 2nd Edition [2000]
[#17] #17: SEVENTEEN [2012]
[Online] Online only, link no long active
[The Comics] THE COMICS newsletter by Robin Snyder

The first six of those are readily available, see here as usual. Contact Robin Snyder for availability on specific back issues of THE COMICS or to subscribe, address at the same link.

Included on Snyder's list are two earlier essays published in fanzines, "Violence, The Phoney Issue" (GUTS #5 [1969]) and "Who Owns Original Art?" (INSIDE COMICS #2 [1974]). Both were revised and reprinted in AVENGING WORLD [2002].

These essays were serialized in THE COMICS and not, as yet, collected elsewhere:

“A Mini-History”
THE COMICS V12 #5 2001
THE COMICS V12 #7 2001
THE COMICS V12 #10 2001
THE COMICS V12 #11 2001
THE COMICS V13 #1 2002
THE COMICS V13 #4 2002
THE COMICS V13 #5 2002
THE COMICS V13 #8 2002
THE COMICS V14 #2 2003
THE COMICS V14 #4 2003
THE COMICS V14 #5 2003
THE COMICS V14 #6 2003
THE COMICS V14 #7 2003
THE COMICS V14 #8 2003
THE COMICS V14 #9 2003
THE COMICS V14 #11 2003

“The Avenging Mind”
THE COMICS V15 #4 2004
THE COMICS V15 #5 2004
THE COMICS V15 #6 2004
THE COMICS V15 #7 2004
THE COMICS V15 #8 2004
THE COMICS V15 #9 2004

“An Issue, Question”
THE COMICS V17 #11 2006
THE COMICS V17 #12 2006
THE COMICS V18 #2 2007
THE COMICS V18 #3 2007
THE COMICS V18 #4 2007
THE COMICS V18 #5 2007
THE COMICS V18 #6 2007
THE COMICS V18 #7 2007

STEVE DITKO'S 32-PAGE PACKAGE TSK! TSK! [2000] contained 7 illustrated 1-page features reprinted from THE COMICS, as well as the following 24 original pages

Tsk! Tsk! “The Blah, Blahmill”
Tsk! Tsk! “What is…”
Tsk! Tsk! “A Con Mind, A Con Game and the Gullible”
Tsk! Tsk! “Some Facts Can Sustain a Lot of Illusion”
Tsk! Tsk! “Toleration”
Tsk! Tsk! “The Shielders”
Tsk! Tsk! “Property”
Tsk! Tsk! “The Communicators” C1
Tsk! Tsk! “The Communicators” C2
Tsk! Tsk! “The Communicators” C3
Tsk! Tsk! “I’m Indifferent”
Tsk! Tsk! “By Choice”
Tsk! Tsk! “Step Forward”
Tsk! Tsk! “The Trial”
Tsk! Tsk! “Its Judge…and Be Prepared to Be Judged”
Tsk! Tsk! “Who Has the Burden of Proof?”
Tsk! Tsk! “What?”
Tsk! Tsk! “Is There a Need to Outweigh Arbitrary Claims with Facts and Truth?”
Tsk! Tsk! “Why Me?
Tsk! Tsk! “The Envious”
Tsk! Tsk! “I Resent It”
Tsk! Tsk! “Parasites”
Tsk! Tsk! “Choice: Real Achievement”
Tsk! Tsk! “!?!?!?”

December 3, 2012

New Ditko - The Silent Self-Deceivers


As mentioned here, Ditko is working on a new series of essays. The first was "The Knowers & the Barkers", appearing in his comic book #17: SEVENTEEN, and the second has just appeared in Robin Snyder's newsletter THE COMICS Vol. 23 No. 7 (July 2012), "The Silent Self-Deceivers", about 1 1/2 pages of Ditko on some issues regarding the creation of Spider-Man. That's the opening of it above.

A 6-issue subscription to THE COMICS is available for $15 in US ($19 foreign), payable to Robin Snyder

Robin Snyder
3745 Canterbury Lane #81
Bellingham, WA
98225-1186 USA

Full subscription details for THE COMICS are over on this page, along with details on other in-print Ditko publications.


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