November 30, 2019

New & Upcoming Ditko - THE HERO COMICS #29 and OVERTURE

Latest Ditko release is under the Famous Comics label and titled THE HERO COMICS #29. The cover feature is Blue Beetle, highlighting a reprint of the 1968 Charlton comic by BLUE BEETLE #5 by Ditko, both the lead story and the Question backup. Also in this issue are some other Blue Beetle material, including an expansion of the look at the history of the character and the proposed 1980s revival of the character by Snyder and Ditko at DC. Also some short reprints of Ditko's Mr. A and The Hero and a short essay "Could/Should". Should be available now from all the usual sources.

Also now available is the collection of the first five 32-Page Series issues, THE 32 SERIES BY DITKO VOL. I - OVERTURE. The fifth and final collection, CURTAIN, should wrap up the series soon.

The next Kickstarter from Robin Snyder is also up now, which will feature some more Charlton Action Hero content in the form of some Captain Atom and no doubt a lot more in 48 pages.


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