January 1, 2006

Daughters of Time 3-D [1991]

Unlike some artists of his stature, it's pretty rare to see Ditko do covers for books where he didn't do the interior art, and almost all the examples that there are come from Charlton and often not really related to any interior story or feature. One of those rare exceptions is DAUGHTERS OF TIME 3-D, a 1991 book published by 3-D Zone and created by frequent Ditko collaborator Jack C. Harris. Kurt Schaffenberger designed the characters and was the interior artist for the book, and he also inked the Ditko cover, which also appears on the back-cover with 3-D effects. I really like the design of the piece, very well suited for the 3-D theme even without the actual effect (and I can barely see actual 3-D comics), as well as the goofy nature of the feature, and Schaffenberger's inks look really nice with the Ditko.

1 comment:

  1. I still have the original art to this piece, the only time Shaffenberger and Ditko ever teamed up.
    --Jack C. Harris



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