July 4, 2007

The Legion of Super-Heroes #267 [1980]

As is the wont of a sad completist, I couldn't resist picking up the one last issue I needed to have all of Ditko's Legion of Super-Heroes stories. In this case, Ditko pencilled the 8-page back-up in this issue (published just after DC went from 17 to 25 pages of comics in every issue), "The Grounded Legionnaires".

Unfortunately, about the only word that comes to mind to describe this story is "bland". Shadow Lass runs into a bunch of kids at the Legion HQ, who evidently aren't that familiar with the Legion since they're amazed that she can fly. So she tells them the previously untold story of how the Legion flight rings were invented years earlier, in a battle with a rather goofy thief named Vibrex, Master of Vibration, who was able to disrupt their anti-gravity belts with his powers. Really, just utterly dull in all respects. Dave Hunt's inking is solid enough, but not really that suited to Ditko.

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  1. It's interesting how some pencillers are so strong that they overwhelm the inkers. Regardless of whose inks would be on the story, you can tell it's still Ditko underneath.

    And Dave Hunt's inks are still recognizable, especially for someone who read so many Swan/Hunt Superman stories in the 70s and 80s.

    I don't think even Vince Colletta's heavy hand could obscure Ditko's work (as much of his being recognized is in his figure poses, like in panel 5).



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