April 22, 2008

New and Upcoming Ditko

I was just catching up on some updating on the New Ditko page. Looking to be a pretty big year for Ditko publications.

I'd missed it when it was announced, but apparently the newest version of Valiant is reprinting some of the early 1990s comics from the company, so X-O Manowar: Birth will include #6 of the series, which had Ditko breakdowns. That should be out in the next few weeks. Not sure which of the other Valiant stuff the company has the rights to, so we may or may not see reprints of Ditko's Shadowman, Magnus, Solar or Battlemania (okay, probably not Battlemania...).

Also, out recently, in time for an upcoming movie, is the Invincible Iron Man Omnibus v1, which includes Ditko's brief 3-issue run pencilling the character, including the introduction of his new armour. Couple of recent Marvel Masterworks volumes have had some Ditko, some never reprinted before, and so do some upcoming ones (including his great ink job over Dick Ayers from Sgt. Fury #15).

And it looks like Greg Theakston will have another volume of 1950s Ditko out this year, as well as new printings of some of his earlier books.

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