May 10, 2008

--Link-- Various Ditko stuff

STRANGE AND STRANGER should be available next month.

Fantagraphics' editor Eric Reynolds has a story called "How I pissed off Steve Ditko", including two postcards from Ditko in the 1990s. Does anyone know if the CBG cover in the story ever ran? It doesn't seem to be on any Ditko checklist I've seen.

Mike Gold has some comments on his interactions with Ditko in reply to that story over on ComicMix.

A short review of Ditko's THE AVENGING MIND over at Jim Hanley's Universe, which also has copies for sale in their New York stores. More details on the publication here.


  1. Hey Bob, thanks for the link... The CBG story did indeed run, as I recall -- in fact, I'm sure we have it in our files. I'll look for it and let you know which issue it was.

  2. I have that story too! It's a great piece of artwork by Ditko, for sure.



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