June 23, 2008

Ditko on... Poison


  1. i love ditko's artwork, and some of his plotting, but let that guy start talking and it's bad news. this is a perfect example.

    yes steve, your conclusion makes sense -- but then on the other hand, your terms pre-suppose the conclusion!

    to say "one must make a compromise" is entirely different than the melodramatic "one must take poison."

    life is a compromise, straight up. we live in the world with other people. you can't do/have anything you want -- and in fact mister A would agree with that -- it's not right to interfere with other people's freedom. but there is no way can avoid interfering with other people's freedom without compromise!

    just as we can't be "free" ourselves unless we compromise. the spider-man movies and all the marvel movies for that matter feature cameos by stan lee, not steve ditko! which is not the best example of how steve has screwed himself over by being rorschack, however that is spelled, but an emblematic one.

  2. Actually, I think that's a good example of some of Ditko's most effective scripting. Agree with it or not, that dialogue is perfectly in keeping with how Vic Sage is presented in that comic, including the fact that people who don't agree with him find him a sanctimonious jerk. Is the analogy of compromise to poison loaded? Damn straight, it is, but it gets the point across, which is the point of using analogy (and reinforces another scene, where his sponsor talks about medicine being backed by science as Sage's reporting is backed by facts).

    Given the option, evidence would suggest Ditko would have no interest in appearing in a cameo in a Spider-Man movie. While his most recent publication would suggest that's he's not entirely happy with his level of recognition in regards to his creations, I don't see any compelling evidence that wavering from what he regards as fundamental principles would resolve those and make him any happier.



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