November 14, 2008

It Stalks the Public Domain - Die Laughing for a list of posts in this series.

"Die Laughing" is the second Ditko story from Charlton's THE THING #13 [April 1954], a 7-page story about a group of fraternity pledges sent into a haunted house as part of a hazing, with the usual complications. This is one of the less inspired of the early Ditko stories of this year, without too much for Ditko to work his visual magic on beyond some good but standard views of the interior and exterior of the decrepit house. And the story is pretty cliché. I know I've read at least two stories with the same basic plot, one of them an EC story that I'm sure pre-dates this.

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  1. I read Tales from the Crypt after pounding down the first volume of the Steve Ditko Archives (which contains "Die Laughing!"), and yes indeed, there is a story in Tales #21 - "House of Horror" - with the EXACT same plot as this, with a different script and names for characters. I wonder what the story is behind that.



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