March 24, 2009

It Stalks the Public Domain - A Nice Quiet Place

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From Charlton's STRANGE SUSPENSE STORIES #19 [1954] comes this 6-page crime-suspense thriller, "A Nice Quiet Place", featuring two bank robbers who head to a remote cabin to lay low until the heat is off, but of course meet their fate due to the all round lack of trust.

Not a great story, but Ditko does very well with what he's given, though he's still a bit rough around the edges. I think the middle tier of page three works really well, showing off Ditko's early style of handling clothing and shadows, and a lot of the panels of the mountain lion look really good, very primal and vicious.

[Full story now available in the Snyder/Ditko publication MURDER #22, so only first page included below]

Most scans in this series adapted to my personal tastes from those found, and available for free download with registration, at the Golden Age Comics Download site. To buy some Ditko comics go over here for ordering info on his available creator owned material co-published with Robin Snyder (including several new books from the last year and some upcoming stuff) and head over here for info on all recent and upcoming books with Ditko from all publishers.  And be sure to check out the revived DITKOMANIA from Rob Imes, currently running bi-monthly and with some great art and articles.

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