July 28, 2009

Haunted #12 [1973]

Ditko draws the 8-page story "Eternal Love" in this 1973 Charlton release. A pretty standard story about a girl who sees a ghost, who turns out to be a man who died in that house 200 years earlier in the arms of his beloved, who happens to have the same name and face as her. Later she meets and falls in love with a boy who seems somewhat familiar. Actually, the story seems to be missing a few bits of explanation, not sure if the reader is just expected to take them for granted given how common the plot is or what.

In any case, it's the Ditko artwork that I'm more interested in here, and it does shine in a few scenes. I especially like the figure of the ghost on the bottom of page six, reaching out and with a single tear. It's also always fun to see Ditko's renditions of the host of this story, the ghostly Imp, who often seems really excited or fascinated by the story he's telling.

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