November 6, 2009

New Ditko - Mr. A, 2nd Edition

Now in hand is the new printing of MR. A, a reprint of the 1973 issue. Looks even better than I expected, at a larger size (8.25x10.5) and with whiter paper than the other recent Ditko/Snyder publications.

Available from Robin Snyder, details here. For as long as I have copies you can order them from me (click the link in the sidebar), or I'll have a few copies on Ebay, as will others I'm sure. Your local comic retailer might also have them (retailers interested should contact Robin Snyder, you may be eligible for higher discounts than Diamond offers for similar independent publications with low minimum orders and better service).

1 comment:

  1. Just dropped my check in the mail today for both this & "Act Two"! Sounds great!



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