February 5, 2010

Upcoming Ditko - A DITKO ACT 3

The next new Ditko coming is A DITKO ACT 3. And no, I don't know why he started to counting them with the fifth book, either...

Looks like we have some more of The Grey Negotiator and The Cape, and Miss Eerie makes her first cover appearance. And as usual, Ditko's adding something new to the mix, and being enigmatic about it on the cover. "F-M and F-B"?

Ordering details on this and the rest of Ditko's independent work over here.


  1. I'm gonna take a shot in the dark here and say that F-M and F-B are Fan Man and Fan Boy.

    I've been wrong before, of course, so I'm prepared to be proven so again!

  2. Hm, seems Javier is very much in tune to Ditko's creative thinking...

  3. Interesting....(rubs chin). I just sent Robin my order for ACT 3, so I'll be finding out what Bob's alluding at here....... ;)



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